Healing Harmony   

     Reiki and Sound Therapy       

Holistic vibrational therapies to relax, balance, harmonize 

Customer Testimonials

After receiving Reiki from Darleen I felt relaxed and uplifted. I carry most of my tension in my neck and was amazed when my neck felt unwound like I had a deep tissue massage, without the soreness. The Reiki helped to clear away aches and pains in my body along with some emotional turmoil I was workimg through.  Thanks Darleen!


- Allesanda Tolomei, CMT

I had constant pain in my arm, wrist, knees and back. After one treatment from Darleen, 

I have no pain in these areas. Also, I began to sleep all night for the first time in my life. Darleen also has taught me many stress relieving techniques. I plan to continue these treatments, which have greatly improved my quality of life and peacefulness. Magical sessions.

- Valerie F.